Khatru Music ltd.

Khatru Music ltd.

Khatru story

A sound that cuts through

Khatru Music is a Label and music collective based in Finland. Our goal is to create new and interesting music with artists who are looking for a sound that lets them transform their inner visions into a sonic reality. We run a studio which we built in an old house in the peace and quiet of nature, 20 minutes from Helsinki. We combine classic vintage gear with cutting-edge modern audio technology to deliver a rich and three-dimensional sound that emphasizes the artist's musical self-expression.

At the moment Khatru Music serves as a home for Axel Thesleff and Octopie, by releasing their material and making the needed efforts to take the music to the challenging global music market.

The core team consists of Tom Tamlander, Jere Lehtomaa, Axel Thesleff and Oliver Obolgogiani; a group of passionate music producers, musicians and an entrepreneur who will take your sound and music where it needs to be.

If you want to collaborate and work with us, if you're an artist looking for a studio where heart and soul matters or if you just want to learn more about us, we want to hear from you!