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Axel Thesleff

Axel Thesleff is an electronic musician and producer based in Helsinki, Finland. His style is very diverse, ranging from bass heavy bangers to more relaxed and deep tracks, never forgetting about the emotion and story behind each piece of music. He's tunes will make subwoofers purr, but also deliver an emotional impact which resonates with your soul.

The 2014 release, Bad Karma, has been streamed more than 200 million times on Youtube and millions more on Spotify and Soundcloud. Also, his other releases, like Done (2016) & Free (2017) have been noticed by BBC Asian Network, Kiss Fm Romania, YleX Finland and lots of other radio channels around the world. Several club gigs, first festival performances in 2017 and interesting collaborations, are just a beginning for this skilled, but humble musicians career.

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